Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not Bud E

So, I'm in Chicago and Whom should I meet?

In immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson. Its not the Stig.  Its the Stig's soul singing cousin.   (Top Gear reference)

Meet Ellbud Blues.....

okay, a little imagination may be required. I couldn't find  a fedora and Ray Bans and it was in the middle of O'hare Intl. Airport..

OHH... sweet home Chicago..


  1. You got Bud E. and a magnetic tankbag through airport security? I see what happens when Sweetpea lets you travel alone.

    1. Its not magnetic..Tigers got plastic tanks :)

      And now I have had my full body scan..... I must be in good health because she said I was all clear.
      See Canada,...... we do have free healthcare..

      You have no idea the kids of trouble Bud E. can get me into when unsupervised.... Its like giving sugar to a five year old boy and just turning him loose on society...

  2. Those pictures are just awesome Andy. Great job on taking Bud E with you. He's a world traveller now.