Friday, March 14, 2014

What's Black And Blue And Goes 100mph?

What's Black And Blue And Goes 100mph?

This guy's helmet.

      So I finally pulled the trigger on a helmet communicator.  There are now just too many reasons not to have one.  For instance,  being able to check in on my son while riding in the woods. Or to give instructions to him.  Also for keeping tabs with my woods buddies... In case one of them "Has fallen and can't get up."  Then of course there is the ability to converse back and forth with my wife without using gestures of a sometimes questionable nature.  That way I don't freak out when she starts pounding on my back because a bee just flew in her helmet...  Or, something like that.  Took just about half an hour to get the wire routing sorted and all the components secured in there locations.  Sitting here listening to Alice In Chains "Man In A Box" through the headset.  Holy Cow that can go loud.  Might even be enough to drown out the Potato Wobblers..

   Stay tuned for further reviews of the Sena SMH10R..
We'll see what kind of mischief we can engage in with it.
  Apparently, they now also make an attachment for the new GoPro Hero 3 that allows you to narrate over the top of the footage.

Track just switched to Heart... That sounds pretty good in here..

Until next time.. Polarbear and Bud E. will be rocking out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For Sale:

                                              For Sale:

A million smiles and a life long obsession for all things moto..   

So sad to see it go.  Its time here was through.  Bud E's home for wayward motorcycles found a loving home for the Suzuki Jr50.

It has been crashed into a tree. It has been crashed into a fence, ...more than once. It has slid out from underneath on a high speed turn on loose rock.  It's beaten and scarred. I wouldn't have it any other way.

It has brought tons of smiles and with a simple twist of the wrist.  It has brought good times and memories spent with family.   You can see his smile even in the helmet..

But its found a new home.  A new five year old boy whose birthday is today.  Too start him down the motorcycle way.


and there it goes.. the cycle of life continues...