Thursday, February 13, 2014

What Is a Polar Bear To Do With All Of This Snow


    I awoke to a layer of white as far as the eye can see...

No problem, just part of the job, and the weather is supposed to be better up north.  After warming up the service van, I head out on the road. Traction is okay, not slipping too much. I arrive at the interstate, tiptoe down the onramp and cruise about 40 mph, noting the numerous vehicles off in the median and shoulder.  Reach the next metro area and everything comes to a stop..  Ohh Crap..

    I start to navigate through the maze of stop and go trucks and cars.  People can be very impatient.

I decided that I had had enough fun and called it a day and turned around.  Near white out conditions and an improperly equipped service vehicle make for a bad combination.. 2 1/2 hours later, I arrive mostly in one piece. The passenger side wiper arm could not hold up to the volume and weight of the snow and detached itself. Now I have near white out conditions and only half of my windshield is cleaned.


Report.. More snow falling.. had over a foot yesterday and more overnight.. This is not your light fluffy snow.. This is what they call Cascade Concrete.  It is very heavy and has a super high water content. So, though the depth does not seem to be growing significantly, it is being compacted into a solid mass.

So, What is a Polar Bear to do with all of this snow?
I couldn't let Troubadour have all of the fun from the last snow..

We get out the SWM and practiced wheelies in the snow.. I actually wasn't sure how much traction would be available... Last motorcycle I dumped in the snow was a 575 lb  Tiger... I was still a bit gun shy, but it was good fun and I got my ride fix in.

This bike has been Bud E. approved



  1. Great pics Andy. I didn't realize you had pics of the pile-up.

    I still like Bud E's festive look. It suits him.

  2. Nice video, looks like you had fun. Now time for some screw in studs!