Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thanks Ohio, ......Or .........Dare to be Stupid?

Okay, so I am driving around Cincinnati today, in this CHEAP, POS, Chevy Aveo.

  So, unlike our current weather at home,  the sun is shining and it is upper 70's maybe low 80's. I am blasting through trafficand I notice something is not right.  To my far right two lanes over is what looks like somebody standing in the lane.  Granted, my view is somewhat obscured by the very fact that in the Chevy Aveo my as is sitting approximately 15" off of the pavement, (I may be givivg it to much credit).  Upon closer inspection the the individual is not only standing in the lane of traffic stopped for the red light but is simultaneously straddling a motor scooter, with no helmet on.....Gasp. Gasp.... Who would ride without their helmet... Back to reality..something must have happened to it or it was stolen while at work. 
  So I am cruisin around looking for a place to eat and I somebody else with no Frackin' lid. Then another, and another,...too many to be coincidence..Ohio must not have a helmet law... Got back to the hotel room and popped on the laptop....Sure enough found  this:

Safety Helmet: Required by law for novice riders, required under age 18
Eye Protection: Required by law unless equipped with windscreen
Passenger Age: No Restriction
Helmet Speakers: No Restrictions
Mirrors: One required by law
Headlight: Modulating headlight permitted
Turn Signals: Required if manufactured in 1968 and after
Handlebars: Maximum of 15" above seat
Muffler: Muffler required.
Noise Restrictions: Counties and Townships may adopt regulations that establish Max A-weighted sound level based on measurement at a distance not less than 50 feet from center line of travel (Title 45, 4513.221): 1)82dBA at 35 mph or less; 2)86dBA at more than 35 mph.
Riding Two Abreast in Lane: Persons riding bicycles or motorcycles upon a roadway shall ride not more than two abreast in a single lane, except on paths or parts of roadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles or motorcycles.
Lane Splitting: Not referenced in Administrative Code or Statutes
Insurance: Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(12.5/25/7.5)

So, I am kind of an ATGATT believer.  I also don't think that personal safety should be mandated by the state..(Personally, I think the world would be a safer place if people would be allowed to die from their own stupidity).  I guess I was more shocked to see people, without even the stupid novelty imitation DOT stickered skull caps, just riding around with the wind in their hair.  Seeing it in real life gave me a very uneasy feeling and honestly just frightened me.  Sometimes I think, yeah, that would be nice, to not have to wear a helmet.  Now its, NO FRACKING WAY ARE YOU GETTING ME OUT THERE WITHOUT MY DOT, SNELL, ECE, RATED FULL FACE HELMET.

Not Bud E

So, I'm in Chicago and Whom should I meet?

In immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson. Its not the Stig.  Its the Stig's soul singing cousin.   (Top Gear reference)

Meet Ellbud Blues.....

okay, a little imagination may be required. I couldn't find  a fedora and Ray Bans and it was in the middle of O'hare Intl. Airport..

OHH... sweet home Chicago..

Monday, May 21, 2012

Is that a Wocket in Your Pocket?

Okay, I have been busy playing catch up with work. So its been awhile.  But Trobaritz threw down the gauntlet and I can try to figure out what I carry with me on most rides.  I have a couple of different jackets in which i ride so most everything goes into the tank bag.
 I guess its kind of a where's waldo mishmash of stuff.  So lets see what we have today.....
1. hat  2. Alieve 3. Gps and 12v adapter  4. cell phone (which if I am doing it right has no reception)  5.multiple lengths of rope  6.first aid kit  7. tire pressure gauge  8.pocket screwdriver  9.wire  10.2 granola bars  11. busted golf pencil 12. rescue inhaler  13.misc earplugs  14.Ipod 15.visor cleaner and anti fog 16.multipurpose towel  17.earbuds and case  18.sunglasses and case 19.loose change holder made from the last vestiges of a long lost habit  20. bottle of water....never know how hot it will be or how many bugs need to be removed. 21.wallet (but only if we are only stopping every 150-200 miles. 22. (not pictured) an occasional change of shoes.

Otherwise it is just these in the jacket... cause Lord knows those jackets are heavy enough.
 But then when I have the ability to have the 13liter tank bag, 39 liter top box, 35 and 45 liter panniers....the question becomes what don't I want to bring....?????
Hell..that's more storage than a mazda miata or them little smart cars.. and its way more fun...

Until next time....               Polarbear and Bud E.