Friday, April 5, 2013

Best of Three Falls

So, Easter has a little different meaning for everybody, But as a general rule it is a celebration of renewal.  Being a fully fledged member of the church of speed, our prayers were answered with a sunny day and warm temps.  Time to kick the tyres and sacrifice some dinosuars.  I had awakened at 6:30..  I put together an idea for a route. Plotted it on Ride with Gps, and e-vited some friends to come along on this somewhat impromptu ride.  No responses and it was getting on 10:00.. Daylight was wasting and Bud E. was getting anxious.
New m2r lid. Fits so nice and is so light due to the carbon composite.  Damn.. those Aussies make a nice helmet, and got it off ebay for a steal too.  I almost feel bad.  Not!!!

  So, I geared up, popped on my new  M2R Nemesis carbon composite lid, threw on my Dragon DX goggles,  thumbed the starter and lit out like a prairie fire.

This is Ride with GPS. If you have never used it, check it out. I use it for route planning and tracking.  Sometimes just to see where it was that I went. I love it when it shows that there is no road, but your riding on it. It really is quite handy, I use the free side of it, not sure what's in the premium section.

The only problem with trying to share it was I had to load it in through the HTML side of the blog.  But its loaded, and I figured it out myself.

First, out of town, and along the river out to McDowell Creek Falls.  Lots of good twisties  in there. I hike to the first falls.  Full gear and carrying my helmet.

Next was to skirt around the edges of the farmland around here.. If its flat its farmland around here. If its not flat, its Timberland or Vineyards.  Over the hills and across the rivers.. All the way to Silver Falls.
Unique thing about Silver Falls State Park.  All of the land was donated to the state by the family that owned it. There are ten falls in total, and about an 8 mile trail to collect most of them.
The falls in the picture is called Winter Falls.  It was the easiest of the ten to access in full gear, again.  I was huffin' and puffin' like the little engine that could trying to climb back up that set of  switchbacks.

Its 134ft drop from top to bottom.
After catching my breath, (Damn, I am out of shape), Bud E and I lit out of there, scaring the crap out of the cruiser riders that were just kind of poking along.  I opened up with all three cylinders and really worked hard at getting right to the very edge of the tire. I still can't force it all the way over but am getting mighty close.  We tooled on through Silverton, back to Sublimity, and across the valley to catch Alsea falls.   I almost gave it up.  I thought there is no one sharing this with me so what's the point.  Still, I set out to cover 3 falls, not 1 or 2, and I think I would only have disappointed myself if I had given up.
I reached Alsea Falls State Park, and what do I find... the damn gate is locked... "Bullshit", I say to Bud E.  Oh well, I hiked down to complete the mission.


I load back up and get ready to take off.  Now, there is some construction going on just up the road where they are replacing a culvert or some such nonsense.  I end up sixth in line heading into this tore up section of road, these people are putzing along trying to navigate the gravel and bumps.  If they are going this slow now there is no way I will be able to enjoy the remainder of South Fork Rd.  So, as soon as I clear the first barricade and am firmly in the construction zone.  I did what any sensible rider would do.. I dropped two gears and rolled the throttle to its stop and passed every single one of them, flingin' gravel and dirt all over them.  I never looked back, because I am sure they all gave me a dirty look, but I didn't much care at that moment.  I was feeling good about my accomplishment, and nothing was holding me back.... except.... the fuel light suddenly came on.   Hmmm.. What to do?  "Screw it" Bud E. says.. "Its a frackin' Tiger.  It will make it. Stay the course. Finish the ride."  So I finish the ride back across the valley.  Never stopping for petrol.  We made it home. I was tired and sore, but reinvigorated at the same time. 

I was initially disappointed that I didn't have anybody else riding along. By the end though, I was just kind of in a happy place.  I rode well, the Tiger did what I asked.  And for a moment, all was right in my world.

Until next time.....

Polar bear

You know.. I think Bud E. might be having a bad influence on me... Naaaaaaaaaaaaah.....