Friday, February 17, 2012

The Mind Has Funny Filing System

So Feb.14 came and went..I ended up working late, but I brought home flowers..

I generally buy Carnations..I think they smell better and last longer...Besides, I would hate to ruin my reputation as cheap bastard...  The night wore on, and I began to not feel so well...and had Big Meeting to attend in the morning..

Anyway, 5:00am rolled around and I found myself unable to get out of bed...sent the email I would be unable to attend the meeting.......which was probably a good thing as this flu would have wiped out half our workforce.  Naproxin, Ibuprofen, and anything else I could get my hands on went past lips to try and knock this out. My wife will tell you that I am a not a very good patient.  Ever seen a Polarbear with a cold.......Its not pleasant.. They are even more grumpy than usual.  So, I kept myself heavily medicated and unconscious.
       Thursday found me more vertical than horizontal, however still not up to any heavy lifting.  Poking around on the computer looking for more pictures of BudE, i couldn't find where they were located.  So I ended up reorganizing and backing up all of our photo files... Which, my wife was happy about since we have relatively short lifespans with computers, and this one is nearing its end I am sure..In my  searches and reorganization, I came across these photos from my very first group ride.  some will recognize these.
Troubadours America doing its best vintage impersonation. notice the leakage underneath it..  I thought there was something wrong.
Troubadour was JEALOUS when he saw me on this fab machine.
Out to Rittner Creek bridge.
I remember being so nervous.  I think I stalled it twice in front of Troubadour and kept forgetting to cancel my signals.. Out through south town, around the airport, out to Rittner Creek, up to Monmouth, over to the Wheatland Ferry, across to Silverton. Lunch. Run through Silver Falls and back home..  There were a lot of good people on that ride.. Jim on the V-star, Wiley on Grace, RickRick, R1Jackal
     My how things have progressed...Troubadour and Jim both have Tigers.  Wiley has added to his stable.  I have led parts of rides and swept others.  I know who I am comfortable riding with anywhere.. and I know when to pass on rides...and not feel bad about it. the nerves are all gone.. its just a good time...

All of that through the semi-lucid hallucinations of over the counter pain and cold medicine....The mind has a funny filing system......that whole first group ride memory was spurred by the picture of Troubadours America with the fuel leaking out the vent tube underneath....


  1. Good times. Thanks for the memories. I think I was about half way through the ride when I finally realized we used to be neighbors.

    Now I am the same way with rides. I am choosy about which group rides I go on. That 27 bike ride the the coast was a bugger. I will not be repeating it, lol.

    Hope you feel better soon, so SweetPea doesn't have to use the tranq dart on her Polar Bear.

  2. Mr BudE hope you feel better fast. I had this miserable cold and fought through almost a week at work & then called sick & spent a couple of days in bed.