Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recycled Aluminum Cans

So, last summer, I helped a fellow Tiger rider load up his motorcycle to ship to the Triumph shop for a damage assessment after an unfortunate accident.  He was banged and bruised, and his poor motorcycle was broken.

  .....And that just SUCKS... 

After getting his estimate for repairs, I told him to save everything as Triumph parts are expensive and hard to get a hold of in a hurry. Long story short, they even replaced his Trax Evo Aluminum Panniers and brackets... Yes they were bent and dented... and I wanted them if he did not have further use of them.  

The factory panniers I have are plastic.  One of them is cracked and the other will just barely fit a granola bar, due to the exhaust pipe routing. 

  So these would fit a ton of stuff for Adventures with Bud E.

So out come the repair tools, and let the beatings begin.
There are few things more therapeutic than beating something with a hammer.
It was a lot worse..forgot about before pics

Bud E Inspected and Approved
 After knocking out most of the damage, I test fit them and submitted it to Bud E for evaluation.  He gave his approval. Now I need to order the Quick Release Bobbins from Twisted Throttle and we will be sitting pretty...

These Boxes are Like Timex watches..Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.  If you don't believe me, watch what this Yeahoo does to them.

Twisted Throttle Loaded BMW F800 Stunting 

So that's my story today, saving the planet by recycling two very large aluminum cans at a time.   Thanks Jim.


  1. They look good! I think BudE is thinking this might be a good hibernating spot.

  2. Good job on saving the bags. They look great. And just think of all the treasures you can carry in them.

  3. Ah, an environmentally friendly project. Recycle. Re-use. Re-purpose. If it involves, hammers, crowbars, zip ties and duct tape, all the better. Looks like some of the "recycling" I find going on in our garage from time to time!

    I like the new panniers. I think they're just right for the Tiger!

  4. Wow, I slept right through that deal. I was so wanting his master cylinder and reservoir that I didn't even think about the boxes. Great score Bud E., maybe they'll detract from those big old crash bars.