Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Toast.. To New Adventures....

This is what my normal is.
So, opportunity recently arose that found me applying for and interviewing for a new position at work.  Moving from a technician to a much more administrative position.  This is kind of a BIG change from what I know and do daily.  Logistically, its not going to fly right now.  I mostly did it just for the experience, as I have been fortunate not to have needed to apply for a job in 13 years.  Some of those key job landing skills end up like stale fuel in a carb. that's sat all winter.  It went well and good, but I am still unsure if administration is in my bag of tricks..

However, that is not near what I am most proud about.

 Recently, my wife decided to enroll in the Team Oregon Basic Rider Training Program.  I was very nervous for her, as this is Way..... outside of her normal comfort zone.  I know she can do it, but her head gets in the way...  I tried to teach her how to drive a manual trans. long ago.  It ended in tears and the realization that a lot of mechanical things come easy to me.  She has no motorcycle or ATV riding experience, except pillion with me;  which makes her a hell of a lot braver than me to start with.. I wouldn't do it.  Off to the training class for instruction on Thursday.. Came home with some questions and trepidation.  I answered as best I could and tried to just get her to relax and enjoy the experience. Saturday on the range left her feeling even less confident and stressed to the max.... I helped to quiz her on the written aspect, and tried to pass on Basic riding tips to help.  I told her to trust in the training. 

You know....  Use the force Luke... Trust your feelings.... 

So, Sunday, she came home and showed me this....

 Bam... Just like beggars canyon back home...

She was so proud of herself.  I am really proud of her too.
(yes, I said those words to her...)

Now she can shop for expensive Italian boots and ride something that looks better than me...

The only problem I foresee in the immediate future is,  while riding two-up, her bonking me on the head while riding to tell me I am doing it wrong.  Thank goodness we don't have intercoms.......

  So a toast to you and to new adventures on down the road. May the sun and wind be at your back and your corners forever clean.


  1. Congratulations to your wife!!! Woot! I am still have vivid memories of the same fears and feelings she was going through, as I did it last year. My hubby every time we would go out, I would say, "Well thats not how you do it, you are supposed to do it this way....." He was patient and said "Okay Safety Girl...." So now I chill lol. He says I am no longer a good passenger either, apparently when I am behind him now he says its like I am trying to drive the bike. LOL.

  2. Yay. I am so happy she took the course. Please let her know how proud we are of her too. Tell her to come to coffee so I can hug her.

    I think Sweet Pea needs her own bike now. Can't wait to go riding with her...... and talk her into starting her own moto-blog. (cue maniacal laugh)

  3. Congrats Sweet Pea, now comes the fun part... bike shopping!

    ...and Polarbear, being chained to a desk all day ain't all what it is cracked up to be.

  4. Hey Polar Bear - Is your lovely wife still hoping for the Bonneville SE?. It isn't quite what I expected but I think with Karen's shorter legs it would be great for her. Tame throttle too. When we get the title in in a few weeks we'll be taking it to Rod but you can have first dibs if you want.

  5. I just found your page here! Great writing, easy reading and fun too. It's great when our mates decide to "Ride their own" along side us. If my Mister wasn't legally blind...I'd love to have him beside me on my rides. I'm adding you to my reading list on page. Good stuff, fun reading here.