Saturday, April 7, 2012

Buddy's Home for Wayward Motorcycles

102....That is the address of what I now call Buddy's Home for Wayward Motorcycles.  Coincidentally also the average temp of my last fever.  I can't seem to resist a bargain.  I also can't seem to resist impossible projects. I mean the Tiger is so reliable I don't know what to do with myself.  Idle hands are the Devils playthings.. or some such nonsense.

First there was the 1974 Honda Elsinore MT125..CL ad says it runs, has title, needs work..$300..
   $300 runs and somebody still has the title..Sign me up..

 Okay maybe more work than I thought..   Still, its coming along.. cleaned up a bit and straightened out this and that... It runs and its a street legal 2-stroke.. and super light...
Check out the Gorilla Tape racing inspired custom seat
 Then I thought it would be a good idea to share motorcycling with my 7 yr old son..  The search was on.. happened upon this Craigslist find... 1996 Suzuki Jr50..runs has running problems and bent forks..

 ATGATT...Start em young..

He proceeded to run it wide open into a tree and bent the forks I just replaced first time out. Lesson of the day "You go where you look"  I hate teaching moments like that.

Then we have this latest offering....1983 Honda CR60R...Awesome machine when they were new.. Prolink Suspension..talked it down to $100.. No spark may need stator..

Ordered used replacement stator.. replaced. now starts but clutch won't disengage..disassemble, clean and reassemble clutch.. now it has no idle...Intake is cracked and obsolete...not just unavailable.. basically use your imagination to fabricate a replacement part. 

So, If you have a deal on a motorcycle that probably ought to be in a wrecking yard...I might be interested in trying to rebuild it... I sound like a teenage girl trying to save the BAD BOYS..( don't ask me how I know this.. that is another story).   Buddy's Home for Wayward Motorcycles.. It just might be my own personal Hell.. or the downward spiral into madness..

Reminds me of the C.W. McCall song...Classified.

"I was thumbin' through the want ads of the Shelby County Tribune, when this Classified advertisement caught my eye. 1955 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup truck.  Will sell or swap for a Hide-A-Bed and 35 bucks."

I think maybe I should stay away from Craigslist...


  1. At least you aren't bringing them in the house.

    Great review of all your finds/treasures.

    And just think, you'll need to buy another one when Sweet Pea passes her course in a few weeks.

    Oh and Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

  2. Awesome little bikes! I have my eye on a Honda Benly 150. I almost bought it back last fall, it was a rockin' little bike. I think I may have the sister complex to bud E's home for wayward bikes, I have two vintage VW Bugs sharing the garage area with an '83 V45 Magna, '85 Shadow VT 500, and a Yamaha 50cc scooter. I don't think I could squeeze one more thing into our driveway or garage.

    Love Jr's bike and that he is ATGATT!!! That totally rocks! The duct tape seat was very creative, you just might have a calling for this. It looks pretty snazzy. So do you like fixing beetles?

    1. Thanks, I really like your Shadow. I used to own a 1985 vt1100c.. Previous owner had it custom painted this kind of funky seafoam green.. The MT125 will be getting a new seatcover someday...I swear by that Gorilla Tape, it is the stickiest stuff I have ever used..Right now the Tiger needs new shoes, and chain..

    2. I bet your VT1100c was lovely. I find my bike just the right size and has plenty of power. My hubby fixes multitudes of things with Gorilla Tape. My dream bike someday is a Triumph Bonneville SE - LOVE THAT BIKE!

  3. I just realized...the sun was shining that day... sad but true... those have been rare occurrences as of late.

  4. My hubby - who's never ridden a motorcycle- has signed up for the team oregon course. I can take that but the idea on eventually having to turn him loose on my scooter is scarey. He may need his own Ha.