Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Prince of Darkness Strikes Back....Again...


Lucas... The Prince of Darkness has struck again...

So, I put the tiger on the battery tender for the last three days since I have been out scooting around on the Zuma..  Anyway, started it up to go to bike night. no problem.. Ran awesome. didn't hit any rain until I reached Corvallis.  Had some good conversation and was going to hit the Gym afterwards.  Went to start the Tiger and it cranked very slowly, but did start.  Okay, the battery is a few years old, I will go home first, just to be safe.  I get 5 miles from home, in the pitch black night and its now raining, I look down and my tachometer has just gone to zero.  Okay, that's kind of odd, I think to myself, give some throttle.. Still accelerates.. Things are golden... Signal to change lanes, and the speedometer starts bouncing to the same rhythm as the signals.  Uh oh... this is starting to make me nervious.  Made it home, like a good tiger should.  Fired up the Zuma and off to work out. I'll deal with the Tiger when its daylight.
   This morning before work, I hook up a set of jumper cables and start it up.  The tach starts working again... Cool, I say to myself.  It just needs a new battery.  I purchase a battery from one of the vendors that I use when I need batteries for lift trucks.  Go about my day and come home and drop the battery in.  Check the charging system, 12.6v.....  Hmmmmm.. That doesn't seem right.. Should be up near at least 14v...  Check of the wiring and found a burnt connection from the stator to the rectifier.  Fix the connection.. Still no improvement. Remove the Rectifier.. Test the diodes.. all seem to test okay... I hope its not the stator.. check from wires (a to b) 10ohms, (b to c) 10 ohms, (a to c) 10 ohms.. Okay, thats good one more test. Check for short to frame...10ohms.. $#@@#%#$%%$$#$#&(insert your owm explitive)...Check the Interwebs to confirm... Sure enough.  Stator is Dead... Prince of Darkness has claimed another victim...
The Victim
$140 for the aftermarket stator...and yeah, we have to order it.... 


  1. That sucks!!! Last year I was down because of a dead CDI to the tune of $450 and my bike was down of 6 weeks. Had to have the part made in the Czech Republic. I feel your pain.

  2. Doh!! Glad it got you home like a trusty steed should. Damn the stator though.

    At least you have the Zuma to scoot about on. Always good to have a back up.

  3. Wow I cant believe this always happens to you. Hope that things improve

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