Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Family That Rides Together

This is  a post I had started on in July and never quite got back to.

So.. the weekend before Fathers Day found the whole family out and about on Motocycles..My wife had only recently passed her Team Oregon BRT Class and wanted some more practice.  So I loaded up the bikes on the trailer and hauled them to an area I had scouted a week earlier. The spot I scouted ended up with people camped there so we searched for another spot. I unloaded the Elsinore to see what was up the road. I found a nice flat, wide spot that was perfect. Rode back and let SweetPea ride it up to the wide spot.

I thought for for she was going to stall it along the way, but she made it with no problem.

Look where you want to go
Then my  daughter decided that riding motorcycles looked like fun. So after a brief tutorial she was off and running..I was really impressed she had natural ability..
Head and Eyes Up

Lucas was being Lucas...goofing around on the little Suzuki Jr50....

Everyone had a great time and wants to do it again....

Kind of like one those Incredible Journey photos
My faithful dog Scout... Waiting for me to come back..

Might have to buy more motorcycles.
Cue the  Maniacal Laughter!!!!!

January 31,2013

edit:  Recently added a Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter to the stable.. No pictures yet as a recent car prowl resulted in a net loss of camera battery charger and my kick ass $30 Gps.


  1. Great pictures Andy. Can't wait to see how SweetPea likes the Zuma.

    When does Miss. M get her license so she can then go for her endorsement?

    See you at coffee.

  2. Great family, great pictures too Andy. You had a great time i suppose. A family that rides together bonds together more. It is more time for you to share together as a family and having done that i know that the feeling is great. Michelin Motorcycle Tires