Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wider Is Better

Wider is Better.... Nothing sticks with you like an 1980's Pontiac Slogan... and has never been more appropriate.  
So, I took the Monster out for a ride with Troubadour out to the Fall Creek Trail head.  It is about a 900 ft climb over 3.8 miles.  Really it is about a 600 ft climb over 1.6 miles and then just climbs gradually.  We eventually made the summit and paused for a bit to catch our breath before beginning the descent down the Highballer.

Thanks to Troubadour for the action shots..
 I look like the Pillsbury Doughboy riding a frickin toothpick...
One thing became clearly obvious.  The 110mm stem and the 660mm bar did not offer the right amount of leverage to control the 4 in wide tires at speed in the twisty bits...  and then I remembered...  Wider is Better....
And the search was on.. Search all of the local sources, but nobody had the parts I wanted in stock.. Off to the interwebs.. A search on Ebay and I found a good deal on a matched stem and bar.. Dropped the stem length down to 45mm w/ 10*rise and a 780mm bar with 35mm rise.  Both are RaceFace Respond components...
Parts arrived in a week... I was like a kid at Christmas...

Wider is Better!!!!

Ready for test ride..

After test riding.. I found that I was able to move the seat up another 22mm and was sitting much more upright than hunched over.  The amount of control I now had was unbelievable.  It completely transformed the way the bike rode and steered.  I love riding this bike.. I know, it is so typically American.. We have always got to have the biggest baddest stuff.  I feel the way I did when I rode bikes as an adolescent. Pure joy and freedom.  It has the same effect on people as a Ural.. They aren't quite sure what to make of it, but think it is really cool.. More later.. busy riding....



  1. Those bars are a lot wider. I was wondering how the new fat bike was working out (still thinking about it)

    1. I love riding the damn thing... it's fat, it's slow, it's kind of heavy... but it is so much fun.. I am never going to win any races on it, but I bought it for the fun factor and for fitness. Figure if I have to work harder with every pedal stroke, then I don't have to ride as far.. The narrow rims with the wide tires are not going to be good for the snow, but on a gravel road or dirt trail they are phenomenal. Rent one for a day, or demo one. You will either love it or hate it. If you end up in Corvallis any time soon, you can ride mine.. as for the snow up there.. "WIDER IS BETTER..."

  2. Those bars do look like they'd make it easier.

    I noticed riding my Trek hybrid bike after riding the mountain bike the bars seemed too narrow.

  3. I'm still having a hard time justifying a fat bike, and an even harder time staying away from Peak Sports and that Salsa Mukluk in particular.

  4. Awesome bike! I have one just like it. I love to use it for a good work out. I take it out in the trails behind my house. Great post, found it very interesting!

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