Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year.... New Goals

Okay... I have slacked off on this blog thing  long enough....

This years goal is to post much more often.

 My problem I think was that I was trying really hard to keep it all motorcycle related, which sometimes limited posting. 
So readers and riders, you may find a bit of randomness from time to time.

Other goals.... make more time for fitness and drop a 3 or 4 Stones..
Yeah, I said it Stones.. and no, I don't mean Taylor, Wood, or Stewart.

I think that is about it for goals... I am one of those people who always asks.....Where does that road go... So, I go and find out.  Sometimes to my own peril, but what the hell...This Merry-Go-Round only goes round once.

Onwards and upwards... we had a polar bear/New Years day ride.

What polar bear ride would be complete without out a polar bear...
It was a glorious day for a ride... The air was crisp...(26*f). The sun was shining.. I was the first one to the usually coffee shop.  The sun beamed through the door and I noticed the little bit of steam wafting out of the cup and tried to catch it with the camera.
 Soon the rest of the riders (fools who haven't got a lick of sense to get out of the cold) arrived.  After a bit of conversation, and a recount of Troubadour's Polar bear ride fail.
We saddled up and were on our way.

The roads were in mostly fair shape.. I little difficult to tell the difference between what was damp, and what was frozen in the shade.  I was riding.. and that was all that mattered.  Here is a little slide show I put together with the GoPro.. I may do this more often.  Set it too take photos every 5 sec. and just let it run..
 Ironically, from the time I turned it on until I got home, it took exactly 955 photos.  Which is one for every cc of my Tiger, and that is special.

  Like Mickey Frickin' Mouse said,  See you real soon.
 The Polar Bear. 


  1. Good to see your still alive, thought we might have lost you there.

    Good for you keeping up the blogging. It can be hard to put something up each week or month and I guess especially for you guys up top where you can only ride 6 month of the year.

    I find I have trouble getting something interesting together if I haven't got a ride to go on to record in picture or videos.

    1. Thanks, we had kind of a crap start to summer but once it got rolling we had pretty good weather through October. I am still kind of new at this, and when life got bogged down by domestic responsibilities, this kind of went by the wayside.. Going to try and do better this year and maybe next year I will get this f'ing template crap figured out. "WHO"... ONLY RIDES 6 MONTHS OUT THE YEAR? NOT this guy....

      till next time.
      Polar Bear

  2. Welcome back, we missed you. I will happily follow you down the road to peril, although I'm bringing a map and a Spot locator.

    Oh and.... Thanks for driving Andy!

  3. Glad to have you back and blogging Andy. We missed you.

    And it is extremely hard to keep a blog 100% moto related which is why you see so many different posts on the different blogs. Luckily people stay interested even through the non-riding posts.

    Sorry we couldn't make the polar bear ride, but at least we made it to coffee. And I rode 5 miles on the frosty city streets, that was enough for me. Sure turned out to be a sunny day though.

    And if you need help with the template, just ask, we'll do what we can. We can bring the laptop to coffee one day and run through some things. Just not tomorrow as we'll be meeting Rogey in SFO.

  4. No lists this year for me, take on life one day at a time