Thursday, January 17, 2013

Polar Bears... they're everywhere..

 So, How about this.. posting again...even in the same month this time.

I have been graced to see a lot of these United States growing up.. My fathers siblings were scattered across all of them.  During the summer we would pack up and head out and down the road. Those are stories to be told another time.  My job, however, also allows me to see a lot of the great state of Oregon... Just yesterday I had a service call that was 250 miles away through the ice and snow and fog.  But when I arrived, what glorious sight did I see...

 My very own namesake...In Neon... Isn't that cool... I mean right.. that is cool...

Polar Bear Cafe in downtown Merrill Oregon

It was cold down there.. But the sun was shining. I grabbed the point and shoot and grabbed a few pictures of Klamath Lake which was frozen over.

After getting the lift truck repaired I decided to visit California...  Literally one side of the road is Oregon.. the other side is California.

Looking at California
Looking at Oregon

 I am so glad I live in Oregon......Even the worst parts look better than the best parts of other states..

You know.. I thought about bringing Bud E along for the ride...Maybe next time....


  1. I think you shoud contact the diner owner and tell him f he ever closes or sells that you need to have the neon sign. Next time take Bud.

    1. I would take him, but the company has a no riders policy... As it was it was a white knuckle drive in the dark over the mountains.. I wouldn't want to scare the poor thing..

      As for the sign.. I got the picture... It takes up less space.. For the life of me I don't know how I would fit it on the back of the motorcycle....

  2. Bud E. needs to ride in the truck with you. And of course we have to back in the summer on the bikes.

    1. That reminds me. You want to know what the best part of driving through K-Falls at 2*F is.....No Bugs..LOL

  3. It may have been uber cold, but at least you saw sunshine. I am so tired of freezing fog.

    Great job finding the Polar Bear Diner!

    See you at coffee in the morning.