Thursday, January 24, 2013

Princess Scooterpie Mascot Challenge..... Accepted

Princess Scooterpie posted up a new blog challenge...  Do you have a moto Mascot...

You bet I do... His name is Bud E.   He is my riding and adventure buddy..

Downtown Skagway AK

We go looking for sun and snow..  Twisty roads and sometimes down a hole..
Brother Bear... Damn.. I thought everything was bigger in Texas

Please note Sarah Palin's location on the far right of this page.
Give me the fish....Please.....

As far as a name for the motocycle..  no... no name...don't really know why..  Just nothing has struck my fancy.

No matter.. When we are all together, there is no telling what kind of trouble will find us (not that we would go looking)..

  We'll keep an eye out for you further  down the road.


  1. Bud E is so cool. Always willing for a head scratch and a squeeze.

    I still think you should grab the shampoo bottle next time you are riding in the rain and give him a bath, lol.

  2. Bud E is one cute little dude! It's funny how I seem to need to name my cars & bikes, not sure why this is with me. Love your pictures they are awesome, particularly like the one where he is staring at Sarah Palin. Awesome challenge answer!

  3. Bud E seems to be a pretty adventurous sort - I'll show the pics to Mutley and then we'll see how we go on our next adventure...

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